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Microservices Coffeeshop

MICROSERVICES COFFEESHOP APIs INTEGRATION AND MONITORING WITH ECLIPSE MICROPROFILE. 1-INIT export USER=rabreu export PROJECT_NS=microservices-coffeeshop export oc login -u $USER https://api.$ oc new-project $PROJECT_NS –description="Expert Extra Recording LAB" –display-name="microservices-coffeeshop" 2-RED HAT REGISTRY SECRET CONFIGURATION cat …


Microservices Security

This article was also published at: MICROSERVICES SECURITY HOW TO SECURE APIs WITH RED HAT SINGLE SIGN-ON (KEYCLOAK), FUSE (CAMEL) AND 3SCALE. Technology Version spring boot 2.1.8.RELEASE apache camel 7.4.0.fuse-740036-redhat-00002(w/ spring boot 1.5.22.RELEASE) 3Scale …


Microservices Observability (part 1)

This article was also published at: MICROSERVICES OBSERVABILITY A SIMPLE USE-CASE USING OBSERVABILITY PATTERNS IN MICROSERVICES ARCHITECTURE. Framework Version Prometheus Metrics Jaeger Tracing spring boot 2.1.4.RELEASE enabled enabled thorntail 2.4.0.Final pending pending vertx 3.6.3.redhat-00009 …